THIS is what those stupid “Disney Princesses” SHOULD be…

Jeffrey Thomas’s Twisted Princesses

The ones of Mulan and Pocahontas are just AMAZING.

I despise the Disney “Princesses”. I really do. The sense of entitlement in this culture is bad enough; all Disney is doing is encouraging that bullshit, AND enforcing a view of being female that we should be ashamed of. Forget that Mulan was a strong warrior who fought to save her family and country — oh, no, she’s a “princess” who got to marry her handsome prince in the end, that’s all that matters. Never mind that in the original tales, Cinderella/Ashputtle used her own wits and cleverness to get out of their situation — oh, no, actually a bunch of talking animals did it all for her, and she got the handsome prince in the end. BLEH.

Yeah. My sister grew up believing in that bullshit and being a fan of the “princesses”. I see where it got her.

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