Signs, Omens, and OMGWHAH???????

So after 11 hard months of unemployment & jobsearching & depression…I finally started my new position this week. And I’ve been massively second-guessing myself and fighting off new bouts of depression, unsure if I really want to jump back into the corporate clone-war cubicle-farm again, no matter how great the company supposedly is…

So I walked in, through the breakroom, tossed my lunch into the fridge, on into the training room, saw that I still had about 5 minutes before sign in, and made an off-hand mention to my fellow newbies that “eh, 5 more minutes…I’ll be out in the breakroom.”

“But it takes a while to boot up,” they said.

I only shrugged and walked out, rounded a corner to one of the back sections of the break area…

…and got smacked in the heart, head and soul with Journey doing Don’t Stop Believin’ on the Early Show. Big plasma TV, up on the wall, sound turned wayyyy up, and I’m standing there, shocked and awed and delighted and “Oh…wow…”

Like, okay, I’m the Keeper of the Holy Shrine blah blah blah, but Soul-Whompin’ Signs & Omens on THAT level, that frakkin’ early in the morning, are just NOT FAIR.

But yeah, very much needed.

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