Can I start screaming now?

My landlord is driving us insane.

(Columbus, OH people — anything owned by “Windsor International” or “Windsor Gardens”? RUN.)

They’ve BEEN driving us insane. No maintenance (unless we give them notice of “fix it or we’re filing escrow”), no caring, and people who make promises and break them with all kinds of excuses.

The ONLY reason me & Brett chose to renew our lease this year was pure and simple — with me being out of work for so long, we had no extra funds to move. And with me starting a new job and no time off allowed during my probation period, no energy to put into packing or searching.

The location’s good, the apartments are in mostly good shape. However, this past month has just put our situation with these idiots over the top.

I notified the idiot landlord verbally back in August that we were renewing. I have two rent envelopes for October & November, hand-written by her, after said discussion. DURING that discussion, she kept making noises about wanting to change our space to a “student center”…then backed off on that when I pressed her on it (“What, you’re saying we have to move?” “Oh no no no, I just have to check and make sure of things, blah blah blah”, “So you’re saying we have to move because you’re wanting OSU students”, “Oh no no, not at all…”).

And so, suspicious, I put WRITTEN notice of our renewal in with the September rent check on 8/28/09 — 30 days before our lease was up, as required by the lease. And in that notice, I asked that we arrange a time to sign in the early evening or on a weekend, as me & Brett’s work hours didn’t allow us to come over during their normal hours.

The day after Labor Day, I called her and left a voice mail, reminding her of our intent to renew, and got a voice mail back, confirming it. A couple days later, Brett called her from his workplace and asked to schedule when…and the bitch of a landlord claimed she had no IDEA we were intending to renew, oh my word, no, but she’d be HAPPY to work with us…

Yeah. Right.

Several calls and voice mail exchanges later, last week she told Brett that she’d arrange to have one of “her students” to come over with the lease — supposedly they’ve hired some students to help out with the office & maintenance work around here.

Today? Brett had to come home early, sick, and walked over to the landlord’s office to see about scheduling when said student could come over. And the stupid bitch of a landlord had conveniently forgotten all about it…and pressured him into signing the lease right then and there, because she couldn’t “guarantee” they could hold our place open if he didn’t sign before the 27th. Never mind that we’ve been telling her ALL MONTH — with written notice — that we were renewing.

Think that over a bit. If we hadn’t gotten insistent, we could well have come home and found our door locks changed with no notice. I know what the law is, but that hasn’t stopped these asshats before.

Yes, Brett did read the lease over — and got a copy for ME to look over and sign, and there appear to be no changes to it from last year. And now I’ve got to see if I can wrangle going home early tomorrow so I can be there when he turns the lease in.

Because godfrakkin’ DAMMIT, I’m giving the bitch a piece of my mind.

Yes, age discrimination has crossed both our minds. We’re both certain that this was a passive-aggressive attempt to get us out to make way for OSU students, who don’t know/care what their rights are as tenants.

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