NaNoWriMo Update #1: holy shite

wow. nothing like going into NaNoWriMo with ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT THE FRAK TO WRITE.

So I defaulted to the kingdoms…of course. And the third book, Shadowed, even though the second book is technically not finished (at least, not put together — somewhere in the welter of scenes and plot outlines and scribbled madness is the whole story. I think. I hope.).

So, off, running, and writing. and THIS year, I’ve got my wonderful new mac laptop toy, which I broke down and bought last month. Devoted EXCLUSIVELY to writing and art projects so I can haul it with me to the local funky coffee shop; no games, nothing. Email program deleted off of it, only browser is safari (with the only bookmarks being story-research-related. Yes, SRSLY. RLY.) The only “real” programs are Scrivener (the world’s most awesome writing program), Pages (the Mac version of Word…and much easier to use) and Illustrator (for the UASSUHO Journey strip — and YES, I’m finally working on THAT again, too!)

And dove right in, hauling my characters straight into the fire, no holds barred, all brakes off. The more I write these, the more I’m in awe of how “not Journey” they’ve become (Rafe & Ian, especially)…and how the situations in the original horrible fanfic have blossomed and grown like flesh & muscle over old bones. And how much the world has grown.

Hell, how much *I’ve* grown, for that matter.

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