Random thoughts on the first day of a week off…

Yup. One whole week off. And getting all the baking done for the holidays…

a) a ball-peen hammer is great for getting spilled popcorn brittle off the counter. DAMN, that melted sticky stuff sets FAST…

b) once more, as always, that !@#$% nutroll dough just does NOT want to rise. I have no problems with pizza dough. No problems with bread. But start the nutroll dough, and suddenly the yeast does NOT want to work.

c) If I hear one more crack from that idiotic “war on christmas” crowd, someone’s going to get hurt. The rest of us have holidays, too, asshats….

d) a ball-peen hammer whacked against popcorn brittle hardened on the countertop is EXCELLENT stress relief…

e)…oh crap, said batch of brittle tastes BURNT. Yuck. Yuck.

f) Mexican chocolate cookies rock.

g) taunting mother and sisters with my baking via Facebook is too much fun to be legal. Like, hey, I GAVE you that nutroll recipe, women…

h) ball-peen hammers set on counters temporarily are cat magnets.

i) ball-peen hammers that are cat magnets are seriously bad idea.


k) Scooter, it’s flour. Stop yowling at me for a taste, yeesh.

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