baking week, day three…

Man, this kitchen is just TOO DAMN SMALL for all this baking.

Some scattered recipes from the list:

Rohlicky (aka Czech Almond Crescents):
Don’t roll them out with a pin, as the directions say, and the dough doesn’t need refrigerated. Roll them into smooth crescents between your palms. These are MY personal favorite – NOM NOM NOM

Mexican Chocolate cookies:
I used 1/4 teaspoon cayenne for that “dash” of red pepper…and I’ve had to lock them down to stop Brett from eating them all before we mailed them out.

The Infamous NutRoll:
(my nut filling mix is different, though; the variations on that filling are endless and depend on the family. I used this one to finally get the dough right).

Different variation on the nut roll:
(The nut mix HERE is pretty much what I use…except…don’t use vanilla. Use 7 tablespoons of Amaretto (the cheap $8 Colonial Club brand is fine). Seriously. )

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