Ye gods.

That frakkin’ asshat brother of mine just does NOT get the point. He keeps sending through “friend” requests on facebook…and I keep ignoring him. Multiple times.

This is the guy who thought that screwing Mom & Dad out of money was a good idea. That embezzling funds from their business was a good idea. That defaulting on a loan that Mom cosigned for…then LYING about it so that Mom didn’t find out about it until collection agents called her, and that sank her & Dad’s business credit rating…was a good idea. A guy that thinks nothing of changing jobs multiple times in a year (and of course, it’s all the employers’ fault that he gets fired…). In short, a guy who fits many of the classic descriptions of a sociopath (though not the violent kind, that I’m aware of…yet.).

I’m fully expecting him to go through Mom or Dad next. and at that point, *I’LL* blow up.

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