Mom & Idiot Brother, parts II, III, IV….

So…upshot of today is, Mom didn’t get a Mac. Yet. So far. Thank gods for the Apple Store guy who basically inundated her with information and (I think) scared her off a bit. His telling her that no, the books that come with the Mac are very very basic and not extensive at all — well, she wouldn’t listen to me tell her that Macs are so easy you don’t NEED extensive books, just turn the thing on and it works, plug the stuff in and it works. Period.

Not to mention me finally pulling her aside and going, “Mom, you’re going to be spending $1200 on a machine to basically get your email and visit the Internet…and you’ve already GOT two good computers that do that right now…” and THEN cluing her in that Dad Was Not Happy With This. Dad spent the entire hour in the Apple Store either hanging over Mom, looking like Oscar The Grouch with constipation or flirting/schmoozing with all the young sales people.

But Mom was still in the mood to be rebelliously young-techie, so she did pop money on a new iPod Nano. *sigh*

And stupid stupid brother creature has sent yet ANOTHER friend request thru on Facebook. Like, jeesus, idiot, how many times do I have to IGNORE you before you GET THE POINT???

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