Lessons, oh, those wonderful lessons of life and writing. A local art studio specializing in computer and animation design put out a call for short "monster" stories for a show happening in the Summer -- they've had to extend the deadline twice, because they haven't received many workable entries (and they only need 10 tales!). … Continue reading 🙂

Lover’s Meme…

List 5 little things you love about your mate. 1. He's gentle and kind and patient with his crazy writer wife. 2. He's very intelligent. 3. He's so very sexy and doesn't know it. 4. He's a warm snuggly armful in bed. 5. He's my absolute best friend. (ganked from )


Mom got her Mac. Dad called last night and left a message, and he did NOT sound happy; he sounded downright pissed off about it and at me -- I know from last Sunday that he thinks I put the idea in Mom's head, when all I DID was give my sister the old G5. … Continue reading Yup.


...and gods spare me from idiot FATHERS who think nothing of jumping onto someone else's computer (mine) and proceeding to bring up this "free slot machine game that offers you a free sweepstakes every month"...and not understanding why I went ballistic when I found out what the site was. I thought at the time that … Continue reading ….