Here we go again…

here it goes here it goes here it goes again…

Stomach’s been hurting on and off for the past year or so. Y’all know that; stupid adhesions & scar tissue from all the other surgeries. But lately, the pain’s moved and changed, since the big scare last year with the blood. It didn’t feel like the usual adhesion problem, and the so-called specialist couldn’t find anything to explain what had happened.

So I go in for a CAT scan tomorrow. I finally changed docs, new doc is fairly impressive — did ONE blood test, noted high pancreas enzymes and said “those stomach pains are likely gallstones or gallbladder, we’re doing CAT to check…” (and the usual round of iron anemia, but I’ve known about that for years — wonky intestines can’t absorb it well).

Please note that the specialist AND the old doc were doing bloodwork & tests on a monthly/weekly basis and never said a word about any possible gall bladder issues. Old doc kept harping on me about my so-called high cholesterol and trying to push me onto statins (my numbers are perfectly normal), kept trying to push me on anti-depressants (hello? I was unemployed, YAH I’m depressed, help me find a job, don’t dope me up), and worse, kept trying to push Brett on totally inappropriate meds AND refused to work with us when our insurance changed Rx providers.

So off to new doc, and probably a new round of tests. And struggling to finish all the editing & rewriting of Severed Earth.

Yeah. Here It Goes Again.

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