In San Francisco….

Yup. I’m in SF for a WHOLE WEEK.

Photos & jabber & whatnot are over on my Facebook page.

So far, the biggest shock was eating at a Sushi place: distinctly substandard. I mean, there’s *at least* four places in Columbus that would beat it down cold, no contest — and Columbus is LANDLOCKED and nowhere near an ocean. We have to fly our fish in. And the SF Sushi restaurant (Miyoabi) was right at the Wharf, right near other NOM NOM NOM seafood places. It wasn’t bad, but lord, it wasn’t good, either. Poorly made rice, off-tasting nigiri, flavorless Cali rolls.

Some real pluses: Tarantino’s clam chowder. Tcho chocolate (OH. MY. GODDDDDESSS.) Thatcher’s Tiramisu-Cappucino Popcorn. Boudin’s Asiago Sourdough bread. The Trader Joe’s right around the corner from our hotel (hotel charges $7 for bottled water?? Joe’s has it for 49 cents, thank you). Stumbling over the Fog City Diner while exploring the Embarcadero (yes. THAT diner. Journey’s ROR pics). Street buskers. The SF Maritime National Monument.

Up tomorrow: we’re not sure. We’re pretty footsore. We’re debating whether to rent bikes and take on North Beach & Golden Gate, or hit up Mount Tam.

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