well, this is enlightening…

Since going to & coming back from San Francisco, my stomach’s been FINE. No pain, no hurt, nothing. I didn’t think our diet changed all that much — more seafood, sure, and since coming back, I’ve been doing fish & salad for breakfast when I get up, and trying to keep it light during the rest of the day. I’ve avoiding all coffee/pop/alcohol for a couple months now.

So today, I get up late, I’m rushed, I have a doc appointment, I rush out without eating breakfast — no big deal, he’s going to do bloodwork anyway, and if I can tell him that I haven’t had anything to eat, that means they won’t call me back for certain tests that they have to have fasting for.

But that means I’m starved by the time I get out…and I pass by a Wendys on the way back, it’s near noon, and the temptation is too much. Cheeseburger, fries, diet pop.

Owie. Owie. Owie.

Never doing THAT again.

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