Sarcastic Irony FAIL

…in which the Christian section of my FB FL gets their panties in a twist..

Funny how a sarcastic ironic status (about my gut being perfectly okay with McDs Fish & Fries, yet drops into instant overwhelming pain from a “healthy” meal is proof that God is evil) instantly brings out the sarcastic-challenged folks on my FB. And even funnier that rattling their cages gives me great distraction — even more fun than the old Perry-ites.

And yes, one of them does drop the “I’ll pray for you” bomb. šŸ™„

edit: One hasn’t had the guts to comment directly, but is now flooding her status page with joining such groups as “God is soooooo good can i get an amen” and “I live for christ who’s with me?”. Yeah. I’m reminded of Han Solo’s line in Empire: “I musta hit pretty close to the mark to get you jumpin’ like this…”

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