Another end of an era…

Me & Brett are currently cleaning out the apartment, clearing clutter, re-arranging rooms & specifically focusing on our computer room — my workplace is allowing me to work at home, so we needed to make space for their equipment.

One huge casualty — all the Journey memorabilia.

The first to go was all the cassettes of interviews I’ve collected over the past 20 years. I’d gotten an iMic to help with transferring the cassettes to MP3s…then took a look, realized that I no longer CARED what they said & that my likelihood of ever listening to them was zero, and didn’t want to waste millions of hours babysitting tape transfers…

…all swept into the recycle bin. Goodbye, good luck, good riddance.

And now I’m eyeing all the paper media, the interviews, the posters, the photos. Considering e-Baying all of it…or just dumping into recycling as well. I’m thinking I WILL scan those in & do one last massive update on the Shrine; scanning isn’t as big a process as audio transfer.

Growth, changes, realization…

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