Breaking metaphors & dumb arguments everywhere

Wow. The fundies on my FB FL are distinctly obnoxious & loud today.  Broken metaphors, stupid arguments about the Bible and Marriage and how "Jesus was the only person to ever resurrect someone from the dead"  — the person doing that particular ranting is a cousin who got pregnant while in high school and who complains long and loud on her FB about every man she meets.   And why is it that the ones griping about the Christmas commercialism are the SAME ones who, in the next post, are telling us all about all the stuff they’ve gotten their kids for Christmas? 

(The phrase about reaping what you sow comes to mind, here).

Fun times for me — semi-pagan, semi-atheist, semi-agnostic, and not inclined at all just to accept something because a book says so.  Yeah.  I admit I’m baiting for arguments, but yeesh, I can only take so many of those preachy holier-than-thou posts.

I probably should just defriend them, but that’s admitting defeat, in a way. 

(and joy, oh joy, the old "you have no faith and I do!" argument just got trotted out. I’m waiting for the Christian "eff off"…any minute now…

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