I. Hate. Otaku.

Definition of Otaku here.

"Fanboy" doesn’t begin to describe it (Journey fans: think the Perry-ites, that’s the closest approximation).  This is my one un-erasable prejudice, and I get real disgusted, real quick, when I run into it in other fandoms.  Especially when said Otaku cause drama & BS over nothing.

So lately, I’ve been going through a small nostalgia phase.  I stumbled across episodes of the old "Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries" show from the Seventies, one of my favorite shows when I was a kid (the one with Shaun Cassidy & Parker Stevenson. Yeah. The Baywatch Guy).  I’ll stop to note here: the show was aimed at teenage girls; Shaun was a major teen pop idol back then.  Ok, fine.  I was a fan of his back then, but not now.  Growing up & all that.  The HB show is rather good cheesy fun, especially if you’ve developed an MST3K sense of humor about TV & movies.

Anyway.  YouTube had seasons one & two; I wanted to see the third season (which I’d hadn’t seen in the original run).  Unfortunately, those eps didn’t exist on YouTube and haven’t been released on DVD as the other two seasons were.  Searches online & via the various bit-torrent sites led nowhere — very surprising, given how much other obscure stuff you CAN find on the Net.

So, as I had for various Journey shows & concerts, I found a fan board on Yahoo for the show and asked if anyone had the eps and would be willing to make copies for me. I knew from reading on the board and on YouTube’s comments that season three was very much wanted by the fans of the show.  So I further offered to convert whatever copies folks had to digital format and post them for downloading (either on my webhost or on YouTube).

Okay.  One fan posted that he had really good copies of the eps, but wasn’t sure how to copy the bootleg DVDs.  I pointed him to some free software programs that would do it; no response, no answer.  Another fan (yet another guy) offered to send me copies of his DVDs; I accepted.

At that point…jeesh.

Second fanboy then proceeded to send me multiple emails detailing exactly what was wrong with the DVDs (over and over, ad nauseum, despite me telling him not to worry about it — the ripper program would convert it, no matter what). Then he started asking if I wanted other Shaun Cassidy specials that he had…

…uh, what?

A male being obsessed with Shaun Cassidy and collecting all the teenybop memorabilia struck me as very odd (especially when he went into a long glowing description of said special — um, yeah, whatever, dude).  I’ve got no problem with gay folks, but that’s still weird — usually it’s the women that still obsess over old pop idols.   I declined, saying I only wanted the TV show; I wasn’t a fan of Cassidy.

The otaku sent me the specials ANYWAY.  Along with copies of all the emails and another note detailing all the things wrong with the DVDs again, and telling me how much I’d enjoy the specials.


I posted an update to the fanboard, saying I was in process of converting them & would upload & post links in a day or so (cue grateful female fans from the board who thanked me for the effort).  THEN cue the FIRST fanboy, who accused me of "cutting him out of the loop", that HIS copies of the episodes were far superior because they had all the scenes usually cut in syndication, etc etc etc etc.

THEN cue the SECOND fanboy worshipping the first’s feet with "You are a true fan" (cue more blather).

I mean, MAN.  I thought the Perry-ites were bad…

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