Otaku part 2.

Let’s hear it for idiot otaku.

So I posted the episodes (after two tries and over 18 hours of upload time for 3.5 GB of files — I suspect my ISP is throttling our connection because we also play WoW).  The folks on said board were thanking me for the time & effort & asking if was okay to pass the links along to other fans they knew.

Cue the idiot otaku from the last post, asking why I hadn’t converted & uploaded the Shaun Cassidy special he’d sent along because ‘everyone will want that too".

I said that I’d told him not to send it, that I wasn’t a fan of Cassidy, and bluntly, I wasn’t going waste more time, host-space & frustration for something I didn’t like. 

Man, you’d think after all those years of dealing with Perry-ites, I’d’ve learned to just keep my mouth shut when dealing with otaku…

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