So today was my day off.  I got woken up by Brett’s alarm, drifted back to sleep, woke up a bit later for Brett to hug/kiss goodbye before he left for work.  Frodo jumped up on the bed, stretched out on top of my shoulder and hip (I’m a side sleeper), and I went back to sleep with a heavy warm cat purr-snoring in my ear.


I woke up. 

At least, I thought I did. I was awake and in bed, and there was a ginger cat next to me. I startled and went "Puck?!? Brett, PUCK’S HERE!!" and Puck headbutted my hand and let me cuddle him and his purring was LOUD…

…and at that point, I knew I was dreaming and Puck was really dead. I wanted the dream to go on, but the moment I had that realization, it was hard to stay lucid.  I wanted to wake up then, and bring Puck with me into the waking world, and I couldn’t wake up.  I couldn’t do it.  I faded back into regular dreaming (some total banal idiocy about me rescuing folks from vampires, of all things).

I woke up for real about 9 AM.  Grey, miserable day outside, grey & miserable INside; that horrible crushing depressive weight that me & Brett call the Grey Lizard was in full force.  Frodo jumped back up on the bed and stretched out on my shoulder/hip again, started purring again as I reached to rub his ears & chin, and he kept up a continual washing of my hand until I finally got up for real to get ready for the doc appt. 

Another note:  Frodo has always hated the sun.  He won’t go near any sunlit spot; he’ll stay out of it.  I’ve watched him actively shift his sleeping spots around on the bed to stay OUT of the sunbeams.  Pick him up & carry him into the sun, he’ll dart back to the shade once you set him down.  I’d joke about a vampire kitty, but he doesn’t sparkle.

Yesterday was a bright sunny day; the bedroom was full of sun and warmth.  And when I came out of the computer room on my first break, Frodo was asleep on the bed, in the middle of a big bright patch of sunlight.  I went into the room; he woke up, looked at me, accepted a head-rub and cuddle — nothing beats a sun-warmed & relaxed cat purring — and went right back to sleep, still in the sun.

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