FINALLY…Journey previews the new album, Eclipse!

From their recent show in Las Vegas. Kangtabel from YouTube had the awesome luck of being there AND recording the new stuff; the sound quality’s awful (about what you’d expect from a cellphone vid), but hopefully you can catch enough to know that Eclipse is gonna be one frakkin’ AWESOME album.

Also, they’ve FINALLY added more US dates to their tour — Aug 5! Columbus! Crew Stadi–what?

Crew Stadium??? CREW STADIUM??? Um…Journey, I love your music and I’m a huge fan & everything, but are you sure? The last time you were in Columbus (with Arnel & Revelation), you didn’t sell out the Schott, and that’s about a third of the size of Crew Stadium. I mean, I know you’re doing that kind of crowd in Europe…but…but… I really don’t want you guys setting yourselves up for disappointment here…

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