Into my life, ANOTHER character walks…

Well, I ran into Vao, Jonathan, and Dylan in San Francisco; they’ve popped in from time to time here in Columbus, and MAN, it’s scary to run into one’s characters like that (especially Vao. ESPECIALLY Vao in SF — it was too scarily close, him and his whole family, as I’d described them in the books). I’ve been wondering when the other characters would show up. Today, sitting in my usual funky coffee shop hangout, yup, Rafe made his appearance.

Young Hispanic man in his early 20s, skinny and under-fed, a serious glower on his face and a glare whenever he looks up at the world, straight black hair pulled back in a loose tail and sparse mustache, wearing an ancient felt/polyester Red Sox jacket & jeans that are obviously second-hand-Salvation-Army and worn thin. A mostly-empty mug of tea is beside him as he scowls out the window; he wears old-school headphones jacked into a banged-up portable CD player, and he’s nodding in time to whatever music he’s listening to.

(Okay, Ian, I’m WAITING.)

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