holy shite…

So as a way of dealing with the stress and chaos, me & Brett spent today clearing & cleaning out the apartment. Scrubbed down the bedroom, bathroom, computer room, dusted the place to an inch of its life, 3 bags of books out to Half Price Books, we’re discussing getting rid of two desks, etc etc etc…

As part of it, I started going through our backlog of CD & DVD backups from the last ten (yeah…TEN) years.

I not only found the original Severed Earth (aka To Catch a King — the first Journey fanfic on the web) and the original version of “Circles”, but ALSO a little monstrosity called “The Journey Story Jam”, a fanfic round-robin that me & Barb Stearns started on the original Journey site’s forum. Why it was never shut down by the mods, band, or various legal officials in several different countries, I’ll never know, but DAMN, it’s fun. And YEAH, Barb, I also found that little “Hurry up & GET CANDLES ONLINE” exchange between us…and an extremely x-rated Star Wars/Journey crossover posted to the old Perry Digest that damn near got me thrown off the Net. 🙂

I’m hoping the original Bloodied Land (To Trap A Traitor) and Shadowed Soil (To Save A Sidhe) also turn up.

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