so they’re gonna be attempting a scope tomorrow to try to get the capsule out. Yeah. A scope (they call it a “push enteroscopy” because it pushes past where they normally do scopes — not really what I needed to hear, Ms. Nurse). And the xray had shown this thing was in the lower abdomen. “Stress” doesn’t begin to cover it at this point.

When I say out, I mean “pull it out”, as in, bring it back up. thank gods i’ll be knocked out and have the next day off.

So much for THAT. Just got a call from the OSU enteroscopy folks. They’re cancelling the scope and scheduling a CAT instead, so they can make sure of where the cap’s at and whether to proceed. I’m going, I’ve HAD an xray, it was pretty clear there…

Great. now I get even more time to stress over this whole mess.

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