just a rant

most of my updates are taking place over on Facebook now.

Last post on the whole matter here.

I’m on Short Term Disability for now. After having gone three months without being able to work a full week, it’s finally hit the point where the attacks were happening too irregular (and still frequently) for regular FMLA to handle it. I mean, I’d be sick and curled up around a heating pad a few minutes after eating breakfast — I’d call off, then an hour later I might be fine. Or I’d log on, be fine, eat lunch, THEN get hit. Or get hit mid-day, or mid-afternoon. No rhyme, no reason.

So OSU did the CAT scan. They determined they could do the scope to get the capsule out, BUT the only doc they had that could do the procedure was going to be out until mid-June. No one wanted this to wait that long; my gastro did a referral over to Riverside Methodist, the other hospital in the area that could do the process.

And those gastros refused to do it without an initial “consult” first. I blew up at the scheduler: “OSU & my gastro already DECIDED what to do, they can’t DO it because of scheduling, you folks are just being brought in to do an already-decided on procedure, there’s no consult NEEDED, you got the records from everyone…” But they got bitchy and insisted on the consult first.

Which I had today. Yeah. Almost a month after the frakkin’ CAT scan (though to be fair, part of the delay was OSU’s fault for not sending records back to my gastro in a timely fashion). And now I’m finding out that procedure is NOT as simple as OSU was letting on. The Riverside specialist heard about my prior history and the adhesions — listened to it with his jaw dropped, for the most part — and then started explaining exactly what this procedure entailed. The CAT evidently still couldn’t determine where the capsule was at; it might take TWO procedures (er, upper and lower is the polite way of putting it) if the first doesn’t reach it, and surgery if those don’t work.

and it’s not just “an extra long scope”. They pull the intestine up and around the scope a bit at a time (like threading cord thru a tube of cloth); if an adhesion “catches” it…um. Right. And the specialist stated that the xray radiologist had determined *two* metal masses, one of which was the cap, but the other was unknown (and I’m going, “well, it’s either staples from the other surgeries or that cap’s come apart”. Yeah. Real stress-reliever there.) Whole process has to be done in OR, under full anesthesia; the specialist doesn’t want it going to surgery either, given my history of adhesions, but he stated bluntly that he wasn’t expecting the scope to work.

So they couldn’t schedule the first procedure until June SIXTH. I’m trying to be fair; they were going off their regularly-scheduled times for anesthesiologists for their routine scopes, and the scheduler stated that she was going to try like hell to get something much earlier and outside their usual times. But I’m depressed, I’m aching, I’m in pain, I never know if I’m gonna eat and then be in more pain. I haven’t written anything in over a month.

i just want this to be over.

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