I’m getting really really sick of seeing cheesy photoshopped Steve Perry pics in my FB newsfeed that I can’t block from folks who aren’t even my friends. They’re not art, they’re not pretty, and they look like something you’d pick up at a funeral home. Jeezus, they’re worse than velvet Elvises.

Unfortunately, they’re happening because the “artist” (term used very very loosely) is tagging someone on my FL that I don’t want to de-friend or hide (Jasparina, the owner of the old Steve Perry Online fansite), because Jas is a very fun person who posts on a wide variety of stuff.

You can see for yourself:


I’m trying blocking her completely and see if that works, but MAN, I’m sick of seeing bad Pshop crap that makes Perry look dead…

(edit: the adding-to-the-block-list seems to have worked. I can’t access her at ALL now — THANK GODS.)

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