Yeah. It got worse.

I’m back in the hospital.

Started having pain last Monday; didn’t think much of it, was in usual spot for menstrual cramps. But Wednesday morning, woke up with escalating pain in same areas & No Signs of Menses forthcoming…and worse, high fever and racing heartbeat.

Brett ran my ass into the ER; got admitted again. High white blood cells — yup, infection, a big bloody mass in the area of my left ovary. They’re still not sure and can’t tell if it’s from an abcess on an ovarian cyst or from something the surgery did; they DID have a CAT scan team jab a long needle into my abdomen and drain off about 1/3 cup of infected matter. I’m now sitting in a hospital bed with a drain tube installed to get the rest.

Yeah. This kills the Journey show on 8/5 for me.

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