I’ve just re-read “Shattered Stone”, the “fourth” book (at least, the fanfic one that ends Steve’s story-arc; there might be other books between Shadowed & Shattered, but they’re no more than fragmented scenes at this point). I’d almost forgotten this tale, and I shouldn’t have — if not for “Shattered”, the current incarnation of the Kingdom’s wouldn’t exist.

Part of me wants to start reposting the originals of the tales, the fanfic, with just slight edits and word-changes to pull them into the current canon and clean up the writing style. I’m hesitant to post them here, though; I need a Journey board where folks’ll actually READ them, and laugh, and have as much fun with them as the original Journey Digest did.

NaNoWriMo’s about a month-and-half away. *sigh*

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