Inspiration comes from anywhere…

…and I do mean anywhere.

“Oh Sherrie” came out right after I graduated high school. I remember seeing the MTV promos for it, what seemed to be this great Sword & Sorcery fantasy trip done by my favorite singer — and I remember throwing a shoe at the TV screen during the “MTV Premiere”. I was that upset that Perry stopped the fantasy trip and went “normal” with the vid.

Even then, I was writing and scribbling. Not even an hour later, I was scribbling out a few scenes on “what really happened”, as if he hadn’t stopped the vid, if it had continued along those lines and deep into the Flaming Forest of Doom. And those scenes became the base of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign in college, then leaped into an off-the-cuff fantasy Journey fanfic for the Journey Digest in the early 90s.

Now, 27 years later, the tales that resulted from that vid are so far from their “Journey” roots. The characters are their own people; the story is its own.

But I’ve still kept the Flaming Forest of Doom. 😉

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