NaNoWrimo WOOT

I hit 50k yesterday!

Though the story isn’t yet finished — I figure I’ve still got another 10-20k before it ends.

Awful Journey AI robots, nope. But they got replaced by a fanatic over-the-edge psychopath based on all the Perry-ites I’ve encountered over the years (OtherMrsPerry, Perry Palaca, and Perryville, I’m looking at YOU). Hell yeah — and far scarier.

This was just a tossaway fanfic mashup tale, what-the-fuck and what-the-hell. And my husband’s been demanding I finish it, because he’s been reading it as I go and wants to know how it ends — and other friends are asking for it, as well. Will I post it here? I don’t know — but the Shrine, definitely.


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