Wow. This thing’s still up.

Yeah, I'm still around, but mostly over on Facebook.


I started in on fanfic again, this time in a new verse.  If most of you can take on Supernatural, *I* can take on Supernatural's precursor and spiritual ancestor.  Stories currently posted over at  (The first in the new series…based on the 1970s show The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries.  Crosses over into my Seven Kingdoms world, on this side of the gate: A serial killer hunts the Mardi Gras – an occult sociopath torturing & slaughtering innocents to raise demonic power. Joining forces with the shadowy Association, the Hardy Boys pit themselves against the world of voodoo, evil magic, & psychic warfare to stop him – only to discover that the killer has lured them into his own deadly trap...).  (second in the series, a prequel: Unexplained accidents, missing runaways, murder, child abuse – no one in Circle Hills will admit that evil walks in their midst. But when a mysterious girl begs the Hardys for help, Joe & Frank pit themselves against a cursed house & an angry mob out for blood in a terrifying witch hunt – only to find that nothing is ever what it seems…)  (Third…yet another prequel. The Mortons' farm hides a deadly secret. Children are missing: vanished without a trace, hidden where no one can find them, prey to unspeakable terror. Now Frank & Joe Hardy number among the missing…and if they don't solve the secret, the brothers will never be seen again…) (fourth in the series, currently being posted, and the direct sequel to Voodoo Doll:  Joe Hardy, crippled. The Hardy family broken into a harsh circle of accusation & Frank bears the brunt. Hoping to find healing, Frank & Joe instead find themselves targets of hostility as they hunt a terrifying cult preying on runaways…and uncover a secret that threatens to not only shatter their sanity, but their very bond as brothers…)

and THIS year's NaNoWriMo effort takes on "Arson & Old Lace", the godsawful episode from the series that reduced Nancy Drew to little more than a helpless git.  Yeah.  I'm going to rescue Nancy from '70s sexist TV writing if it kills me:

NaNoWriMo Time!

Unfortunately, I can't post any of the Journey tales over there, since they have strict rules about "real people" fic.  And I just gave up on my Journey website: too much hassle to update, and I'm sick of dealing with its fandom. 

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