Good news!

(first…yeah, I deleted that last entry.  Just too much to go into now.  But things have eased up a little.)

Anyway…after getting nothing but conflicting advice & information about how to publish…after several years of writing, editing, tearing my heart out, dealing with all the health issues…I'm finally saying SCREW IT and going the self-publish route with The Severed Earth.

Yeah. You read that right.  The silly novel that started as a Journey fanfic has finally grown up and become a fully-fledged novel & world in its own right…and I'm taking the plunge, leaping off, and publishing it myself.

I've gone through CreateSpace to print off copies of my Hardy Boys fanfic, and those are incredibly well-done paperbacks (the printing, I mean).  CreateSpace is part of Amazon, so…watch this space for further news.  It shouldn't be much longer; I'm in process of designing a book cover (a PROFESSIONAL book cover, with professional artist help) and getting the formatting smoothed out, but shortly, you'll be seeing The Severed Earth for sale on Amazon & iBooks, both as hardcopy paperback and e-book.

And this blog will be getting a new look, as I'll likely be using it as my professional writing blog.  Maybe.  Possibly.  I'll definitely be putting up a website for my writing work.


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