to REALLY catch up:

Ahem.  Here’s the “covers” I’ve done for my Hardy Boys fanfic.  I just love CreateSpace for being able to print copies of these things for my own personal use — but what’s really fried my mind is when I posted them over on Facebook…and Mom and my sister Deb demanded their own copies.  And then started to pester me on “when’s the sequel coming out? Are you done with the sequel yet? Hurry up already” after reading the initial “Voodoo Doll” tale.

That’s really did blow my mind, because family is usually the LAST folks to give me any kind of praise for art & writing stuff.  Especially fan stuff that they’ve teased me about in the past — ESPECIALLY anything to do with Shaun Cassidy (who, admittedly, I haven’t been a fan of since high school, and really only started watching the old Hardy Boys series again as a cheesy nostalgia-trip thing).

Enough.  Covers behind the cut.




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