whine whine rant rant

just to catch up.

i had to leave my job with Medco/Express Scripts back in September — it had gotten to the point of Final Written Warning, either resign or be fired, because nothing was changing in terms of my health & constant call-offs & extended bathroom runs.

All the surgeries left me with short-gut syndrome (combined with IBS, which is doctor-speak for "we can't figure out exactly what's causing the other crap"); combine that with the removal of the connector between the small & large intestines, and saying I have to go to the bathroom a lot, for extended periods, is an understatement.  Brett had to resign from his job (a friendly resign — they want him back as soon as his health issues are resolved); he's finally been diagnosed with neuropathy stemming from the lower lumbar and a hernia which finally made itself obvious about two weeks ago.

Right now, we're waiting on Medicaid to come through; if it does, Brett might be able to get fixed — the docs want to do a CT-guided injection of steroids into his hips and spine, as well as fix the hernia. Once that's resolved, he should be able to go back to work for Ohio State.  Me, though…mine's permanent.  No fix.  Don't pass GO. Don't collect $200.

Yeah.  We've applied for Social Security Disability.  It got denied.  We talked to a lawyer today (a local lawyer who doesn't get paid unless the case is won), and she did NOT blow us off with "This is unwinnable".  Nope.  She's taking us on & going to help us with the appeal…it was a good sign when we're sitting in the waiting room, and she walked in with her little dog on a leash — an adorable chihuahua mix named "Oliver" who promptly started to sniff me & Brett over, demanded ear scratches…and then jumped up into Ms. Hall's chair, where she talked with us while sitting on the edge of the chair so she wouldn't disturb her dog.

Okay. That's the sign of a compassionate heart.  And it's the first lawyer's office I've ever been in (and I've been in a few, especially when I was free-lancing web-design for a friend's company) that had a pet.

More updates as they come.  I'm more whining on this over on Facebook lately, to keep family updated all at once. 

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