Fur Kids!

Have I mentioned I'm owned by four cats?

Oreo & Faramir are the self-appointed PFAs (Personal Feline Assistants), though Luna's becoming that way, too.  Oreo's our former feral, one of the litter born out back last summer (and the sisters that are still feral out there have had their own litter. *sigh*)  Faramir will curl up on the bed with me at night, and all three will start pestering me for hugs and cuddles whenever I'm writing — and Oreo & Faramir will also come up on the bed when I'm curled up with a heating pad with yet another pain/nausea attack.

Oreo, watching his human eat ice cream.  What this pic doesn't show:  his whole little body is quivering, and he starts squeaking when he sees I'm finished, because he wants me to put the bowl down so he can lick it up.  His absolute favorite is a local brand (Jeni's), "Goat Cheese & Black Cherry" (seriously.  It's awesome!).  This kid's also a cheese freak — the moment there's any cheese out anywhere, he's there, quivering & squeaking until he gets some.  He's just about a year old…and still small.

Faramir, at 6 mos, enjoying being rolled around in the big red towel.

and Luna has an automatic blur filter, I swear.  Out of all the pics we've tried to take of her, only one or two are sharp & unblurred.  Even when she's SLEEPING, the pic blurs.


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