Just for Fun: the UASSUHOJourney Returns!

Life is a Journey. Some of us are on the short bus.

I admit, I can be as squeeeing a fangirl as anyone else.  Some time ago, I started doodling a comic strip based on Journey (the rock band that did such classics as “Open Arms” and “Don’t Stop Believin'”) as a means to blow off steam and keep myself from getting overwhelmed with painful health & financial issues.  The strip became a hit among Journey fandom circles, but it went defunct when my Journey fansite (not just a fansite, but also my continuing learning experience in website design & programming) finally went kaput due.

Then my husband (who does his own wonderful mechanima comic strips: Gnomeregan Forever and Trigonometry) discovered ComicFury, a free hosting site…and as I was clearing out files, I ran across all my Journey strips.

SOoooooo….I announce the rebirth of The Unofficially Alternative, Seriously Screwed-Up History of Journey (aka “Please Don’t Sue Me…”).  It’s still my steam-blower & fun side project. 🙂

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