Gnomeregan Forever

Well, yeah, I can’t stop cartooning, in a variety of media. Maybe it’s because I have so many ideas, and not all of them are suited for full-fledged stories or novels — so a short little comic is good for a one-shot quickie.  So I not only do the silly Journey strip, I also guest-shot every once in a while on my husband’s World of Warcraft-related comic, Gnomeregan Forever. (though when I do a strip, the title temporarily changes to “The Brotherhood of Iron” — it’s a guild-thing.)

Anyway, along with all the idiocies going on with the GOP’s constant war on women & our reproductive rights & the whole Hobby Lobby nonsense (SCOTUS/SCROTUM is yet another idiotic move — yeah.  Corps don’t have to follow the law if they sincerely believe otherwise)...the International eSports Federation had banned women gamers from the Finnish tournaments of Assembly Summer 2014.  After a HUGE outcry — and Blizzard dropping the hammer on them by saying that IeSF could NOT use Blizz’s games in any tournament that allowed such discrimination — the IeSF reversed the decision, but continues to maintain separate women’s events…on the grounds that women need “safe spaces” to compete.



We’re talking COMPUTER games, here.  One of which — Hearthstone — is an intelligent strategy game.  WHAT THE FRAK ARE THEY KEEPING US “SAFE” FROM???

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been seeing men — and women — gamers claim that women feel “intimidated” by having to compete with men.  My view??


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