A small amusing thing

Some folks might remember I used to be a big fan of Journey. Used to. The BS with Cain’s wife being an embezzling fraud busted for embezzling her former megachurch…and she’s now Trump’s “spiritual advisor” who claims “God” put Trump there ...(clamping tongue on rant)…and Cain and Valory have openly declared their support of the Asshat…

Gah. Anyway, back in the day, I ran a Journey fansite, the Holy Shrine of Journey, and ran afoul of Steve Perry’s fans — specifically, the over-the- edge, obsessed, delusional women who congregated in a little forum-shithole called “Perryville”. I actually got death threats from those MOFOs, because (gasp) my website had a page on Steve Augeri (the singer who replaced Perry in the 90s).

Today I stumbled across this on the Urban Dictionary (click link for the full, glorious entry):

…A fan site and gathering place for sad delusional middle aged women who like to fan-tasize about a once mildy popular singer…

Whoooooooo, brother. The UD just goes off on those nutcases. A couple friends of mine (like @gekizetsu) also had problems with PV– since it was fun to rattle their cages — but I didn’t realize that Perryville had gotten THAT hated in Journey fan-circles.

Karma is a BITCH.

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