Gods. Cats fighting.

Gods. Maintenance crews are working around our section today. One of them tapped our window as he passed, startling Faramir, who was napping there. The first thing Far saw was Shell.

He lashed out at her. She struck back.

A major fight erupted. Screams, hisses, claws out, angry yowls, chasing each other around the apartment and erupting into a fur-flying brawl when Far got cornered in the bedroom. I grabbed Shell and pinned her to the bed with my chest (stupid thing to do, but I’d been sleeping & didn’t think), Brett chased Faramir out.

We’ve now got them separated, Faramir in the bedroom, Shell out in the apartment, the other cats puzzled and wondering what happened. Every time Shell and Faramir see each other now, they erupt into hisses and snarls and try to fight — it’s called misdirected aggression, and can disrupt even the longest “best buds” between kitties.

We’re going to keep them separated for a couple days, swapping them between each space every so often, and treating them both like they’re new cats. Food bowls and treats on either side of the door, mutual play time, that kind of thing. We’ve got Feliway already in use, though I’m waiting on a refill order.

Gah. I love our furry kids, and right now, I’m ready to kill maintenance.

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