NaNoWrimo Sentence of the Day

Today's Sentence of the Day, from today's output: “Big time Satanic voodoo shit,” Ross said. “Cow skulls, stinky candles, backwards Led Zep albums, voodoo dolls, dead bodies, you name it..." Good ol' Ross. I can always count on him to put everything into perspective. 6797 words so far. I'm WAY ahead of where I was … Continue reading NaNoWrimo Sentence of the Day


359 words this morning, in the last half hour before attempting work.. Okay. Going full tilt into a godsawful Journey/Hardy Boys/Young Wizards Mary-sue mashup, with shades of Barb's "Candles" thing. No complaints, Barb. You started YOURS based on the last chapter of the old "Shadowed Soil/To Save A Sidhe". It's coming back full circle on … Continue reading NaNoWrimo

Eclipse, part II

Okay. Now that I'm more copacetic and aware: I've re-listened to Eclipse. And re-listened. And listened again. "Resonate" still hits hard; for me, it's that powerful, just as "After All These Years" was. Likely because I *know* that feeling, heart-and-soul deep (I'm blessed with my husband, and I know it). AND it's a wonder to … Continue reading Eclipse, part II