So…let’s just post some cute cat pics

Cute cats being my writing buddies Puck & Frodo, both of whom have gone over the Rainbow Bridge.  I lost Frodo last Summer, Puck three years ago.  But I still feel them around the apartment -- both Brett and I have.  They were warm, purring weights on the bed at night and all during the … Continue reading So…let’s just post some cute cat pics

Wow. This thing’s still up.

Yeah, I'm still around, but mostly over on Facebook. And yeah, it's NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH AGAIN! I started in on fanfic again, this time in a new verse.  If most of you can take on Supernatural, *I* can take on Supernatural's precursor and spiritual ancestor.  Stories currently posted over at  (The first … Continue reading Wow. This thing’s still up.

NaNoWrimo — Full Story!

Well, the full story -- the Hardy Boys/Journey mashup --  has now been posted over at -- fun!Because of's rules, I did have to change the Journey characters over to my own, as they don't allow fic based on real people...but it still works wonderfully.