The Severed Earth, Chapter 42

chaos and silence And do be still, the7ofswords. You're just snarked off because I wouldn't let our D&D group roleplay the hot-sex-in-the-fields bit. Or you're just upset because your character was in Steve Perry's role. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah NAH. 😛 And yes, that's a free invitation for any in my FL to head … Continue reading The Severed Earth, Chapter 42

The Severed Earth, Chapter 41

tides of air and stone This one...and this somewhat the fault of some long-ago fanficcer who decided that *all* Blood Guards had a "special" relationship with the Crown. (bluntly, they don't...Darkwater & Faolán are the exception that proves the rule.) After my initial "eeeeeewwwww getitoutofmyheadplzplzplz!!!111!!" reaction, I started thinking about how it *might* work... … Continue reading The Severed Earth, Chapter 41