Well, the “Avery Dark T-Shirt” transfers are total SHIT. I just tried to make a Journey Webring T-shirt for one of the folks who loaned me their memorabilia to scan, and those transfers do NOT work on a black t-shirt.

Which is really odd, because the light-shirt transfers work so well. Brett thinks it just might be the jewel tones of the logo that aren’t working; the colors are too delicate to show up on black. So…white t-shirts only.

The logo is here:

Journey Ring Homepage

The couple shirts I’ve done on white are really neat. But the logo looks so GOOD on black. Ah, well, back to the drawing board.


The Shrine WILL be uploaded by the end of this week, if not tonight. The code is working great, and there’s just some last corrections to the header graphics that I need to make. If I wait until I have EVERYTHING scanned in, I’ll never get it uploaded.

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