okay. slowly crawling from my shell and peering back out at the world again. There’s still people I want to bitch-slap and folks I want to turn around and backstab in kind (over and over and over until they fuckin’ get the point), but hey, I guess that’s normal. at least more normal than staring in the mirror and wondering what the fuck is wrong with me, or if I’m crazy, or the world is.

get the anger pointed in the right direction, at least. If folks can’t hack a woman with attitude, if they can’t stand someone calling the shots as she sees it and stating the view from her direction, if they can’t comprehend a woman who refuses to fit their fucked-up-comforting-feminine-bullshit-stereotype, that’s their problem. Fuck them all.

Hugs & Kisses, Bitches,

Pagan Amazon BITCH from Hades, in the Purple Chainmail Bikini. Peace out, dogs.

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