Update, 11/26/06

Today's strip is a little late, but here ya go; a skip back in time. This one was drawn AND colored by me, as Brett is hard at work on this year's Yule Wallpaper (heheheheheheheh). All the older strips, backstory & who's who are here.


New Line Cinemas Drops Peter Jackson From The Hobbit My feelings on the matter are rather succinctly & graphically summed up here, and thank you to John Kovalic for bringing this to the attention of fangirls everywhere. Newline = Shitheads. Yeesh.

Update #1, 11/19/06

This weeks's UASSUHO strip is now up! I'm going to now start cross-posting the strips here, as well, as there's several public LJ groups that track images posted throughout LiveJournal...and a little publicity never hurts. 😀 I'll keep the image widths down. All the other strips & archives & info-stuff can be found here.

New tale!

Or semi-new, anyway, for those who don't follow Barb's Journey Library. Anyway, all the fanfic is now up (with artwork), including An Alien Sky (the Fanfic 100 entry) and the new tale, Two Brothers. I'm particularly proud of Two Brothers, since it came within a hair of getting published in Weird Tales. I'm still working … Continue reading New tale!