Jeebus, FINALLY!! All of this was done in Adobe Illustrator, with the Wacom Graphire tablet. Yes, I know it's been a long while between updates, but that's how much work used to be involved in getting these things put together for the web. I've got tons of sketches & doodles of full strips, but MAN...having … Continue reading UASSUHO UPDATE!!

The War on Corporate Brains…

So my company creates a "training presentation" that everyone is supposed to take in their own time, an internal link on the company website. Said presentation includes Windows Media video. With sound. The presentation makes no sense without the sound. Side note: None of the computers in my particular center have sound cards. DOH!


Yes, I've been very quiet for the last few months. Working lots to make up for Brett's non-job is taking it out of me, big. The energy drain ...and stress, and depression ... have taken their toll on everything, story, comics, website, home business, keeping up with the FL and RL friends, etc. Down the … Continue reading jeebus.