I’ve been using Gangs OR us as a reference point for some of the characters in my stories, to help with language usage and lifestyle.

The site is fairly good; I found it through several of the crime & police sites I’d monitored when I worked for The Credit Card Company That Shall Be Nameless.

However, my respect for it just got blown.

Down the page is a link for “Gang Initials”…to help you figure out gang graffiti sign.

But the link…

…is for a list of player groups in an online role-playing game based in the Old West (similar to the guilds in Warcraft and other fantasy games).


I mean, a simple glance-thru of that list would’ve told him it had nothing to do with real street gangs.

Or does Mr. Walker think that there’s really a street gang out there called “Knights Who Say Ni”?

edit: Mr. Walker evidently got a bit upset that I posted this, and removed the link totally. lol

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