FINALLY…some updates…

FINALLY got new pictures scanned in & uploaded in St. Steve P’s section, as well as the Sacred Journey: Frontiers, Escape & Evolution sections. This includes some vid caps from Frontiers & Beyond – and man, whoever did the transfer of that documentary from tape to DVD should be SHOT. The quality of both video & sound is just horrible on the DVD. I’ve cleaned up what I can, but it’s slow going. There’ll be more coming — I swear, F&B is the best source for great fun pics of the band. The documentary is hokey & cheesy, but whoever was behind the cameras knew how to get great shots.

I am planning a sub-section that shows all the infamous “fan” shots from F&B — I’d LIKE to get names for those people. If anyone reading this was one of the fans in the F&B video, drop me a line or a comment here. Be prepared to back up your claim!

Oh, yeah, and the new Sims section that has the Frontiers Journey for Sims2 is *almost* ready. I’m reworking Steve Perry’s face & outfit, and trying to find/make a blue jean jacket/t-shirt for Neal to better match what’s in the Separate Ways video. Real curly hair? Forget it. I’ve begged & pleaded with many many meshers, and to a person, they’ve all told me “Male Hair Is Boring”.

Shyah. Right. I think the meshers are just lazy drag queens.

Anyway, I’ve also got Steve Augeri & Deen Castronovo Sims in the works (right down to Steve A’s red leather pants!):

Okay, okay, the pants look more velvet than leather. I’m working on it!

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