UPDATES, finally…

Yup, it's the Evolution Photo Shoot, Immortalized FOREVER and EVER...or at least until I stop paying the webhost bill. And I apologize for the large file sizes...blame Journey's oversized packages. 😉 Visit the HSOJ's UASSUHO Journey Section to see the strips!

Full Color Sneak Preview…!!!!

...of the new U.A.S.S.U.H.O. Journey Strips (and my husband Brett freakin' ROCKS! He ROCKS!): This is Brett's full color redo of a "throwaway" panel that I'd scrawled/inked in a few minutes. The original is behind the cut, for comparison: Holy CRAP. I knew Brett was GOOD. I didn't realize just HOW GOOD he is until … Continue reading Full Color Sneak Preview…!!!!