ye GODS, I hate Internet Explorer

...bloody freakin' code works right in all the OTHER browsers, but NOOOoooo, IE has to be the lone bitch that refuses to do what I TELL it to do...!@#$% okay, the Tales area on the Shrine is FIXED and the menus should work correctly, in Windows IE, Firefox, Netscape, & Mac's Safari. Don't talk to … Continue reading ye GODS, I hate Internet Explorer


FINALLY!! Yeesh. The Tales/Fables area has been updated, cleaned up & somewhat re-arranged; there may be a further change to the whole section's interface, but I'm still toying with ideas. The full-color, high-res wallpapers of Obsidian are now available there, as are "book covers" for the tales. AND...a new tale has been posted. Well, new … Continue reading UPDATES!!!