I just went over to CafePress, just to price out what it might cost to print Severed Earth in paperback…

eep. eep. eep.

You’re looking at about $20, for a trade paperback size, base cost (trade paperbacks are the larger paperbacks), and that includes good covers & binding (including my own art for the covers! Joy!). As of this moment, I can’t put it into mass market paper, because that overruns CafePress’s page limits. And at that trade size, it’s over 440 pages; shoved into mass market format, it runs over 580 pages (and would be over $24 — yikes).

Average fiction mass market paperback is around 300-370 pages.

This is a preview of what the Real World is gonna be like — I’ve got a WHOLE lot of editing & cutting to do.

:eyes story:


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