Folks who read my rants know I’m a huge fan of Diane Duane’s Young Wizards series, and I’ve long thought she was a secret Journey fan…mostly because of High Wizardry having a key scene hinge on Perry’s “Running Alone” and a character in one of her Star Trek novels being named Steve Perry (no joke, though I forget which one…not much of an ST fan, here).

Now…goofing off…I found THIS great blog entry on Journey’s resurgence: Whatever, Don’t Stop Believin’

The great part? Scroll down the comments to July 28 2006, and there is Diane Duane, expressing a hope that …dear gods… I pray comes true too:

(waves) Another Journey geek over here.

My great secret desire is that, when the YW series becomes a TV series or movie, Steve Perry will sing the theme song (Janis Ian’s already professed interest in writing it).

(falls on knees and petitions a hopefully kindly universe to make this happen)

OK. Two-fold hope, there, that the Wizards series DOES come around and that Steve does do the theme song. That would so totally rock. and YES YES YES!!! Diane IS a Journey Fan!

That makes me very happy, for some reason, that one of my favorite authors loves one of my favorite bands.

*eyes my own Kingdoms books*
*sighs in frustration*

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